Map showing a county subdivided into zip codes, with some zip code areas extending into neighboring counties

Subcounty Data: Cautions and Recommendations

Need early childhood service or demographic data for areas smaller than your county? IECAM has you covered! But be careful; these smaller areas sometimes do not fit nicely within the boundaries of other geographic areas.
Infographic showing three main differences between 1-yr and 5-yr ACS data

What’s the Difference Between 1-Year and 5-Year American Community Survey (ACS) Data?

Differences between 1-year and 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates are important to note when using data to communicate stories or visualize trends. Do you know the difference?
Title graphic showing an empty, winding road and the words Quick Guide to Gettting Community Needs Data

Quick Guide to Getting Community Needs Data

A three-step guide to finding the data you need to communicate early childhood-related community needs in your area.
Bar chart with trend line showing the drop in population growth from 2010 to 2020 compared to previous decades

National & Illinois Takeaways from 2020 U.S. Census Data

How has the United States changed since 2010? How has Illinois changed? Recently released findings from the 2020 U.S. Census are a treasure trove of information for people interested in the demographic changes that are shaping our nation and state.
Illinois Early Childhood by the Percent

Illinois Early Childhood by the Percent

How much do you know about young children in Illinois? Test your knowledge here, and then level up with the next blog post in the series, Illinois Early Childhood by the Numbers.
baby in bathtub with speech bubble saying "Babies First Words in languages commonly spoken in Illinois

Languages Young Children Speak in Illinois

A child’s first three years is the most intensive period for acquiring speech and language skills. In this collaborative post, IECAM and the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse (EIC) present language-focused facts and resources for anyone who wants to learn about this critical period.