Illinois Publicly Funded Early Childhood Programs title in bright red block letters with two toddlers sitting

Infographic: Illinois Publicly Funded Early Childhood Programs

This new infographic lays out age eligibility, funding streams, and administering agencies for the range of publicly funded early childhood programs in Illinois.
New Data Visualizations and Maps at IECAM

New Data Visualizations and Maps at IECAM

Explore new data visualizations and maps created by the IECAM team to help you understand the early childhood landscape in Illinois.
An arcgis map of Illinois showing early childhood services

Special Feature: Early Care and Education Services Map for Illinois

This map shows early care and education services sites for the state of Illinois based on the most recent data available.
Shadow of children cast against a wall

What Can the Data Really Tell us About the Number of Young Children Experiencing Homelessness in Illinois?

Access to accurate data on the number of young children and families experiencing homelessness in Illinois is a critical first step in crafting effective policies to address the problem.
Title graphic showing an empty, winding road and the words Quick Guide to Gettting Community Needs Data

Quick Guide to Getting Community Needs Data

A two-step guide to finding the data you need to communicate early childhood-related community needs in your area.
two young boys sitting on a suitcase

Poverty-Related Data and Resources on IECAM

Research has consistently shown that poverty has a significant and lasting impact on a child’s development. Here's a list of data and resources found on IECAM related to early childhood and poverty.