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Infographic showing three main differences between 1-yr and 5-yr ACS data

What’s the Difference Between 1-Year and 5-Year American Community Survey (ACS) Data?

Differences between 1-year and 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates are important to note when using data to communicate stories or visualize trends. Do you know the difference?
headshots of IECAM data team arranged in a circle graphic

Meet the IECAM Data Team!

Data does not just suddenly appear on the IECAM website. It has to be cleaned, prepped, programmed, mapped, and/or visualized. Meet the data team responsible for making this magic happen, and learn a little bit about their backgrounds, roles, and personalities.
Title graphic showing an empty, winding road and the words Quick Guide to Gettting Community Needs Data

Quick Guide to Getting Community Needs Data

A three-step guide to finding the data you need to communicate early childhood-related community needs in your area.
Head shot of Dawn Thomas, IECAM project director

From Our Corner: A Message for 2021 from IECAM Project Director Dawn Thomas

Data are found everywhere—Amazon, Etsy, our medical records, and bank statements. We know data are found at the U.S. Census Bureau. We know data are a part of the ongoing COVID-19 work. But are we truly aware of the part that data play in our everyday lives?
teacher taking student's temperature

Local Solutions to COVID-19 Challenges: Illinois Head Start Programs Share Their Stories

This interactive story map explores how three Head Start programs in Illinois have responded to COVID-19 challenges.
What is "FPL"?

What is “FPL”?

Learn what "FPL" means, and how, using the IECAM database, you can find the number of children from birth to age 5 who are living in families with income below 50%, 100%, 130%, 185%, 200%, and 400% of the federal poverty level on various geographic levels in Illinois.