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Your source for early childhood data in Illinois

Providing early childhood data and maps to inform communities and strengthen policy in Illinois.

IECAM's online database

The searchable database is the quickest way to access most of IECAM’s demographic and service data for a variety of regions.

Easy-to-use data tools: The Illinois Early Childhood Dashboard and Regional Reports

The Illinois Early Childhood Dashboard tracks the progress of state goals and priorities. Regional Reports provide ready-made reports on common data topics for counties and ISBE/ROE regions.

Illinois Early Childhood Dashboard Tracking the state's progress toward early childhood services goals
Regional Reports Early childhood and demographic data by county and ISBE region (ROEs)

Browse data by topic

Most data topics on IECAM belong to one (or more) of the four following categories:


Data that describe the characteristics of the population of young children and their families in Illinois, such as age, race, income, and language(s) spoken.


Data and related information about the health of Illinois children and families.

Early Childhood Services and Programs

Data and related information about early childhood services and programs that serve Illinois children and their families.

Geographic Regions

IECAM provides data by various geographic regions. Find out more about these regions.

Social and Economic Factors

Data and related information about factors that can significantly affect the quality of life for Illinois children and their families, such as income/poverty levels, education, employment, housing, and access to support services.