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Child wearing mask inside care at drop off time

From Our Corner: The State of Child Care in Central Illinois in the Wake of COVID-19

In recent months, the national media has been reporting on the devastating effects the COVID pandemic has had on child care programs. Are these same effects being felt here in Central Illinois?
Big buble with the words "Types of Data on IECAM"

Communicating Your Early Childhood Data Story

This presentation offers an overview of data available on IECAM and then walks you through the process of finding and visualizing that data in order to better inform your community.
ExceleRate Illinois logo with circles of quality around it in licensed, bronze, silver, and gold

What is ExceleRate Illinois? A Q&A with Toni Porter from INCCRRA

This video and infographic lays out the basics of ExceleRate Illinois, a quality improvement and recognition program for early childhood settings.
Two parents playing with a toddler on the floor

Illinois Early Childhood Collective Projects Share Resources for Learning at Home During Trying Times

Two of our Early Childhood Collective partners are offering resources on how to keep young children learning at home during trying times.
Title graphic showing an empty, winding road and the words Quick Guide to Gettting Community Needs Data

Quick Guide to Getting Community Needs Data

A three-step guide to finding the data you need to communicate early childhood-related community needs in your area.
Illinois Publicly Funded Early Childhood Programs title in bright red block letters with two toddlers sitting

Infographic: Illinois Publicly Funded Early Childhood Programs

This new infographic lays out age eligibility, funding streams, and administering agencies for the range of publicly funded early childhood programs in Illinois.