University of Illinois Urbana‑Champaign

Race/Ethnicity: Illinois Children Age 4 and Under

IECAM provides estimates on the total number of children age 4 and under by race and ethnicity.

IECAM reports the total number of children age 4 and under who are:

  • Hispanic or Latino (of any race)
  • White Alone, Non-Hispanic or Latino
  • Black or African American, Non-Hispanic or Latino
  • American Indian and Alaska Native, Non-Hispanic or Latino
  • Asian, Non-Hispanic or Latino
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, Non-Hispanic or Latino
  • Other, Non-Hispanic or Latino
  • Two or More Races, Non-Hispanic or Latino

Latest data: 2022

Data source and notes

IECAM demographers prepare race/ethnicity estimates based on the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program and the American Community Survey, 5-year estimates.

These data are available for all geographic regions on the IECAM database and Regional Reports.

These data represent children age 4 and under. This is in contrast to IECAM’s population data, which is for children ages 5 and under. IECAM also provides the total number of children age 4 and under for calculating percentages. Note: For years before 2016, race/ethnicity categories were reported differently. Contact IECAM for more information.

Note: Because of pandemic-related disruptions, the U.S. Census Bureau has warned there will be somewhat larger margins of error for data collected in 2020. This will affect the 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates reported by IECAM for 2020, 2021, 2022, and, when available, 2023 and 2024.