Overview: The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) hosts an annual conference, called the STATS-DC Data Conference, on education data. The 2015 conference, held this past July, addressed the theme “Strong Uses for Strong Data.” Sessions at the conference addressed topics such as Common Core, data collection, data linking beyond K-12, data management, data privacy, data quality, Common Education Data Standards (CEDS), data use (analytical and instructional), and Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS).

A conference presentation by IECAM staff provided examples of how IECAM: (1) served a wide range of data needs of ISBE, ELC committees, and the Governor’s Office; (2) responded to stakeholders’ mapping needs; and (3) addressed a local organization’s question about data discrepancies that involved testing the accuracy of ACS estimates on dropout rates against ISBE records.

This webinar will review IECAM’s presentation at this conference. It will then provide summaries of a few of the many sessions on data topics related to early childhood education. These summaries address unduplicated counts of children across programs; a review of school district boundaries and the school attendance boundary survey; and NCES’s MapEd Web site.

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