Overview: IECAM presents data on the demographics of children and on services for children in Illinois as part of its online database and its GIS (Geographic Information Systems) map section. Besides these data, IECAM also presents data on a number of risk factors for children and families in Illinois. These factors are presented in seven domains: (1) population, poverty, and living conditions; (2) language; (3) employment; (4) early care and education; (5) education variables; (6) health care and health; and (7) other social and economic factors. These data are gathered from several data sources (e.g., Census, IDPH); are presented in several formats (e.g., spreadsheets, maps); and are associated with several geographic regions (e.g., counties, municipalities). This Webinar will provide an overview of the various data types in these domains and will discuss the sources, formats, regions, and other specific points.

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