Illinois Risk and Reach Report

The Illinois Risk and Reach Report provides county-by-county data on the well-being of young children in the areas of Family StabilityHealth, and Early Care and Education. The report offers a set of data tools including interactive maps to inform an analysis of child well-being indicators in relation to state investments in three areas: family stability, health, and early care and education.

2016 and 2019 data reports are presented in table and map forms in three categories:

Risk — An accounting of 15 indicators representing risk factors affecting child well-being and development;

Reach — An analysis of the availability and distribution of 17 publicly funded programs and services by geographic area;

Fiscal Scan — A comparative report of public investments for families with young children over time.

The Illinois Risk and Reach Report is a collaboration between Erikson Institute, the Illinois Early Childhood Asset Map at the University of Illinois and Voices for Illinois Children.