IECAM for Legislators and Staff

IECAM provides comprehensive early childhood data and maps to local and state governmental agencies in order to make state resource allocation transparent and support data guided policy making. Click on the links below to access resources and tools useful to legislators and agency staff members.


  • Database Search This is a quick search for early childhood and demographic numbers. This tool produces instant Excel spreadsheets for selected areas, years, early childhood services/programs, and demographics. (Search by legislative district under “region”)
  • Multiyear Search This tool allows you to compare tabular data for a single data type (PFA, Head Start, etc.) over multiple years. Great for identifying trends and changes over time.
  • Early Care and Education Services Quick Report This tool produces a quick ready-made report for a selected area. Note: this tool is in the process of being updated.
  • Early Care and Services Map for Illinois This tool can show early childhood services and programs by legislative district, school district, and city boundaries.
  • Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) legislative district maps
  • Data by Topic Search Find IECAM data by topic.
  • Additional Data A collection of data not currently available in our searchable database.
  • Maps and Visualizations (by topic)


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