IECAM for Families and the General Public

Are you a member of the general public who is interested in finding out more about publicly funded services in your area? IECAM has a lot of information to share with you – choose from one of the options below to get started.

Information sources


  • Early Care and Education Services Map for Illinois
  • Maps and Visualizations
  • Database Search This is a quick search for early childhood and demographic numbers. This tool produces instant Excel spreadsheets for selected areas, years, early childhood services/programs, and demographics.
  • Quick Data Reports This tool produces a quick ready-made report for a selected area on these topics: Child Care, Early Care and Education Services and Population, Publicly Funded Preschool, and Head Start. Note: this tool is in the process of being updated.
  • Data by Topic Find data by topic in the following categories: Child Care, Demographics, Health, Language, Early Childhood Services & Programs, Social & Economic Factors, Employment, and Other.
  • Additional Data This is a collection of data not currently available in our searchable database.
  • Interactive State Comparison Maps

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