Program Data

Because of time constraints, we were not able to include the latest early childhood program data (e.g., PFA, PFA Expansion, Head Start) in our PFA/PI Grant Proposal Quick Data Report. When writing your statement of need, include the more recent data from these spreadsheets instead of the program data that appears in the quick data report. Spreadsheets are by year and include different sheets (or tabs) for different geographic areas (counties, school districts, legislative districts, etc.).

Note: IECAM did not receive PFA and PFA-Expansion FY2018 data by site for Chicago Public Schools, only a total for the city. Therefore, these spreadsheets contain incomplete site and enrollment data for areas in Chicago, such as zip codes, legislative and congressional districts, and Chicago Community Areas.

IECAM did not receive any PFA and PFA-Expansion FY2019 data for Chicago Public Schools.