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Poverty-Related Data and Resources on IECAM

Research has consistently shown that poverty has a significant and lasting impact on a child’s development. Below find a list of data and resources related to early childhood and poverty.

Map of Illinois divided by counties showing the percent of children age 5 and under of selected federal poverty level

Interact with this map on our Povertly Levels page.

  • Online database To get the most recent poverty data available in spreadsheets choose "Federal Poverty Levels" under the "Demographics" tab and then select a geographic area and year.
  • Multiyear Search To get poverty data over time in spreadsheets choose "Population, by income-to-poverty ratios and age (0-5)" under the "Early Childhood Service Types & Demographics" tab for a selected range of years.
  • Poverty Levels: Children Age 5 and Under by Federal Poverty Level Interactive map and downloadable data in spreadsheets and maps for children age 5 and under by federal poverty level (50%, 100%, 130%, 185%, 200%, and 400%) and geographic area for single years.
  • Children in Working Families Search our online database for data on family employment conditions for children age 5 and under. Choose "Children in Working Familes" under the "Demographics" tab and then select a geographic area and year.
  • Employment: Unemployment Rate in spreadsheets, charts, and maps for annual average unemployment rates and numbers in labor force, by state and county.
  • Homelessness: Kindergarten Students Reported as Homeless This page has a spreadsheet and map for kindergarteners reported as homeless in FY2019. Homeless data also can be accessed using the online database and checking “Homeless Students” under the "Early Childhood Service Types" tab. This search provides data on the number of homeless students in PFA, grades 1, 2, and 3, and a total for K–3 for FY2017 and FY2018 only.

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