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New Year, New Website!

Published: January 26, 2022

A guide to the new IECAM website

IECAM is proud to announce its new website—designed with its users in mind! The site streamlines access to the online database and easy-to-use data tools so users can hone in on what's most important: their community's early childhood data. While these changes are designed to improve users' access to data, there may be questions about what has changed, and where some features are on the new site. We hope the guide below can help.

What's new?

What's moved?

The site is continually evolving...

Since 2007, IECAM has brought together data related to early childhood care, education, and demographics to help inform a wide variety of Illinois stakeholders. During this time, IECAM has endeavored to be as responsive as possible to the data needs of the state. Recently, for example, the state is making organizational changes aimed at expanding access to early childhood programs. The IECAM website was redesigned with flexibility in mind so it can accommodate these changes and provide new ways of delivering data to stakeholders. In this spirit of responsiveness, the site is a work in progress, and is being continually improved with your feedback in mind. 

We want to hear from you!

What do you like about the new website? What could be improved? Let us know! 

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