University of Illinois Urbana‑Champaign

IECAM Data Now Available for Birth to Five Council Regions

Published: November 16, 2022
A map showing Illinois county and Birth to Five Council region divisions

IECAM database users can now choose to view or download early childhood service and demographic data by Illinois Birth to Five Council regions. While the option to generate reports for Birth to Five regions continues to be available using IECAM's Regional Reports, this new database option will allow users to view or download data for multiple Birth to Five regions at once and/or see changes in the data over time using a multiyear search. 

Illinois Birth to Five Council regions are derived from ISBE regions. Each council is a grouping of school districts. 

Additional resources on IECAM:

  • Map of Illinois Birth to Five Council regions
  • Map of early childhood service sites with federal poverty levels by census tract. This map includes a Birth to Five Council region layer.