Early Childhood Task Force Establishes Professional Standards

Infographic with three boxes: ECE I, ECE II, and ECE III

For the first time ever, early childhood educators have collectively defined the standards, qualifications, roles, supports, and compensation for members of their profession working with children birth through age 8.

A task force of 15 national organizations representing members of the early childhood field working across states, settings, and age bands, partnered with a diverse range of stakeholders and more than 11,000 individuals to produce the Unifying Framework for the Early Childhood Profession.

The framework recommends policies to fund necessary supports, establish realistic timelines, and provide increased compensation to reflect the value, importance, and return on investment generated by early childhood educators’ highly skilled work.

Another key recommendation is that decision makers create a structure in which the varied mix of ECE labels and roles is reduced to three distinct and meaningful designations (Early Childhood Educator I, II, and III) and all early childhood educators hold a license to practice.