ISBE’s 2019 KIDS Report: 26% of Illinois Children Developmentally Ready for Kindergarten

Results from a new report from the Illinois State Board of Education show 26% of children met readiness standards for kindergarten in all of the measured areas while 39% percent met standards in none of the categories.

According to an article by Northern Public Radio, development inequities persist throughout the report. For example, 15% of Hispanic children were ready in three development areas measured by the study, compared with 22% of black students and 32% of white students.

The KIDS survey focuses on the knowledge, skills, and behaviors across three areas that most impact long-term student success. The areas are: Social and Emotional Development; Language and Literacy Development; and Math.

The data ISBE has released in this report comes from the second year of statewide KIDS implementation, which took place at the beginning of this past school year (fall 2018). The report and data support ISBE’s mission to collect readiness data for all kindergartners in the state.