Our interactive map lets users view the data by year and either number or percentage of children by a selected federal poverty level (FPL). Users also can hover their cursor over individual counties or Chicago Community Areas (CCAs) to get the specific results for that county or CCA.

Federal poverty levels are 50%, 100%, 130%, 185%, 200%, and 400%

Spreadsheets (by year):

  • 2016: all
  • 2016: state, county, township and municipality

Static Maps (by year):

  • 2016: county

TypeFile name and linkCaptionSize

2016 Static MapPercent of children age 5 and under living in families with income below 50%, 100%, 130%, 185%, 200%, 400% FPL (2016)1.3M

2016 SpreadsheetPopulation of children age 5 and under by federal poverty level (50%, 100%, 130%, 185%, 200%, 400%) 1.2M

Source of data: IECAM, based on several estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Note: A full explanation of the methodology that IECAM uses to create estimates can be found via the Data Releases & Methodology page.

Note: The data for the years 2005 through the most recent available (for all regions) can be found via the Tabular Data Search page.