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IECAM has some exciting features coming in 2021—tools and resources that will make it even easier for you to access and interact with Illinois early childhood and demographic maps and data. These new features are coming at a time when it is crucial to get accurate pictures of the early childhood landscape in our communities.

Three of our most exciting new features will be:

  • An all-new website interface to streamline access to the most recent data available
  • An updated Illinois Early Childhood Dashboard offering data and topics never offered before
  • A new Community Snapshots feature that will instantly display customized service and demographic charts and data in a visually attractive, downloadable format.  

As we work on these new developments from our remote workstations, we want to remind you that IECAM staff members are ready to help you with all your early childhood data needs. Do you have a question, data request, or just want to chat about what you’d like to see on IECAM? Email us at, or visit our website and open the chat box. We’d love to hear from you!