Cover of 2021 version of the Risk and Reach Report showing a baby in a hoodie looking up

The Illinois Early Childhood Asset Map, along with with its partners Erikson Institute and Voices for Illinois Children, has updated the Illinois Risk and Reach Report. This new version provides a 2019 pre-pandemic view of the state’s early childhood landscape.

The Illinois Risk and Reach Report presents county-by-county data on risk factors that undermine optimal child development as well as data on the reach of publicly funded programs and services that support early childhood well-being.

Coupled with 2016 data from the inaugural Risk and Reach Report, the data in this updated report can help establish a baseline to measure conditions for children and their families prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. It can also be used to compare against the shifts in data that are anticipated as 2020 data becomes available.

The report also includes an interactive map that shows data for 15 risk indicators and 19 reach indicators by county and state legislative district, and a fiscal scan that examines expenditures on publicly funded programs and services that serve young children and their families in Illinois.

The Illinois Risk and Reach Project is generously supported by the Irving Harris Foundation, the Pritzker Children’s Initiative, and the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development.