IECAM receives its data from a variety of state and federal data sources. Typically, we have the data at least one year behind the calendar year. For example, as of July 2020, the latest early childhood data we have is for FY2019. Of course, data collection is an imperfect science and is, at times, at the mercy of events and situations. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of those large-scale events that has impacted and may continue to impact the data found on IECAM. Because the FY2019 data does not reflect changes caused by the pandemic, we encourage users to keep that in mind as they look at IECAM data as their local communities and service areas may look very different during this pandemic. For example, childcare has undergone some transitions during this time that may directly impact particular communities (e.g., emergency childcare, numbers of centers closing or even going out of business).

A word from our funders: ISBE and IDHS data found on IECAM contain pre-COVID pandemic information. For current information, or to find child care in your area during Phases 3 & 4, visit the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development COVID-19 for Early Childhood website.