New for 2020: Improved Pathways to IECAM Data

Will you be looking for early childhood data in 2020? You may notice some changes in the search options on the IECAM website. While the database search has remained much the same, IECAM has streamlined access to additional data not included in the searchable database, as well as maps and other visualizations. See below for a rundown of the changes.

  • Data search options now include a search by topic pathway. For ease of presentation, these topics can be found under the following drop-down categories: Child Care, Demographics, Heath, Language, Early Childhood Services and Programs, Social and Economic Factors, Employment, and Other Data.
  • Included under these drop-down categories is a listing of the metrics found on anywhere on our site, starting with the metrics available in our searchable database.
  • Additional data are also collected on the additional data page and can be narrowed by topic.
  • Maps and visualizations have also been organized under these same drop-down categories. As with the additional data topics, they can also be located on a separate page and narrowed by topic.
  • The New Maps and Visualizations feature on our homepage has not been changed, enabling users to browse IECAM’s latest maps and visualizations by date added.
  • The GIS Maps & Tables tool is currently undergoing renovation and is limited in its functionality, but can still be found under the Data Search Options tab.

IECAM is happy to answer any questions you may have about these changes or help you find the data you need. We can also deliver custom data sets and maps and/or presentations on our resources.