ISBE Releases FAQ for Early Childhood Block Grant Program Grantees on Transition to In-Person Instruction

The Illinois State Board of Education has released a FAQ for Early Childhood Block Grant Program Grantees on the transition to in-person instruction. ISBE will update it accordingly as further guidance is received from other state agencies. Please refer to the Illinois State Board of Education’s website or email for up-to-date information.

Questions covered in this FAQ include:

  • Will reducing class sizes impact funding?
  • How many students can schools safely have in an early childhood classroom?
  • What should programs do if families are not comfortable sending their child to school?
  • Will monitoring procedures be adjusted in FY 2021?
  • Can Preschool for All (PFA) classrooms move from half-day to full-day sessions and can Preschool for All Expansion (PFAE) programs move from full-day to half-day sessions?
  • Are their certain hours that need to be set for instruction for ECBG classrooms?
  • How should programs prioritize enrollment if class sizes are reduced?
  • and more…