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Compare locations of ECE services (e.g., PFA) to areas in the state with a high or low concentration of a selected demographic variable.

A demographic theme map is

  • a map of a larger area (e.g., the state of Illinois). . .
    that is subdivided into smaller areas (e.g., counties, census block groups). . .
  • and in which the smaller areas are coded in some way (e.g., by color) . . .
  • to indicate different ranges of some data type (e.g., owner-occupied housing).

Demographic theme maps are available by:

  • population birth through age 4
  • population density
  • population by race/ethnicity
  • occupied housing
  • unemployment rate
  • federal poverty levels (50%–400%)

The demographic theme map page can be used for:

The demographic theme map page is used to get a visual idea of what areas in the state have a high or low concentration of some demographic variable. Geographic regions displayed are counties and census block groups. The counties will provide a less detailed view and the blockgroups (being much smaller) a more detailed view. For more information on these regions, see IECAM’s definition pages for counties and block groups.

Once you have picked a variable (population , poverty), you can then see how program sites (PFAs) are distributed in more or less populated or poorer or richer counties or blockgroups in the state.

The demographic theme map page cannot be used for:

  • searching for data in tabular format
  • querying the map for data about a specific area