Besides its data on early care and education services in the state of Illinois, IECAM provides demographic data on population, poverty, language, and working families. These demographic data in IECAM include estimates for each year beginning with 2005 (corresponding to Fiscal Year 2006, the first year for which IECAM reported early care and education data) based on U.S. Census Bureau data products.

TypeFile name and linkCaptionSize

Table 1IECAM Data: Availability of data types by year80.9k

Table 2IECAM Data: Data types displayed by year83.1k

Table 3IECAM Data: Data available by geographic region29.2k
  • Table 1. IECAM Data: Availability of data types by year
    This table lists what data types (early care and education services; demographics) are available on IECAM, and what years are available for those data types.
  • Table 2. IECAM Data: Data types displayed by year
    When you select a year while searching for data on IECAM, the search results for each data type display the most recent year’s data up to the selected year. This may not be the same as the year you selected. (For example, you might select the year 2015, but the most recent data on population might be for 2014.) This table indicates what data year is available when you select a display year for a given data type.
  • Table 3. IECAM Data: Data available by geographic region
    This table tells you what geographic regions are available for each data type on IECAM.

The estimates for all years from the latest release are available in IECAM’s publicly searchable database.