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Geographic Region: ISBE Regions

Regional offices of education (ROEs) are essential offices that support local school districts.

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Illinois has 35 regional offices of education (ROEs) that serve either one county or a collection of counties. These are referred to as ISBE regions. There also are three intermediate service centers (ISCs) serving suburban Cook County. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) serves as the ROE for Chicago Public Schools.

The 35 ROEs are overseen by regional superintendents, who are locally elected officials serving four-year terms. The three ISCs are each governed by an 11-member board that hires an executive director who has the same powers and responsibilities as a regional superintendent.

Almost all site-based service data (e.g., PFA, child care) and almost all demographic data (e.g., population) are available by ISBE region on the IECAM database.

Sources of definition: ISBE’s ROE and ISC Fact Sheet

ISBE Regions