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Family Employment Status and Living Arrangements: Children in Working Families

About the data

Latest data: 2021

Number of parents’ children age 5 and under living in families, by living arrangements and by parents’ employment status:

  • Living in families
  • Living in families with two parents
  • Living in families with two working parents
  • Living in families with one parent
  • Living in families with one working parent
  • Living in families with one nonworking parent

Source of data: IECAM demographers prepared estimates of population based on Census Bureau estimates for the following programs or surveys:

  • Population Estimates Program
  • American Community Survey, 5-year estimates

Geographic region: These data are available for the following geographic areas: state, county, township, municipality, state House district, state Senate district, congressional district, Elementary School District, Unit School District, Zip Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA), Chicago Community Area, and by ISBE region and IDHS region, which are sums of counties.

Children living in families are those living with a parent or stepparent. It excludes children in group homes and other nonfamily arrangements. Working parents may hold a job or may be unemployed and looking for work. Nonworking parents include people who are not looking for employment.

Note: Because of pandemic-related disruptions to data collection in 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau has alerted American Community Survey (ACS) data users to expect somewhat larger margins of error in the 2016-2020 5-year estimates than in previous 5-year releases.

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