County Subdivisions are the primary divisions of counties. (The Census Bureau sometimes uses the term minor civil division instead of county subdivision in cases where the county subdivision is a primary governmental unit.) The township is one type of county subdivision that has elected officials. The precinct is another type of county subdivision that has no elected officials but primarily serves as an election district.

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Note: In Illinois, three different names are used for county subdivisions:

  • township – used in most counties
  • precinct – used in Alexander, Calhoun, Edwards, Hardin, Johnson, Massac, Menard, Monroe, Morgan, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Randolph, Scott, Union, and Wabash Counties
  • city – used for Chicago, which is a subdivision of Cook County

Note: IECAM uses the term township to refer to all three of these types of county subdivisions.

Note on searching township by year: number of townships and yearly changes in townships: County subdivisions periodically change (more so in counties that use precincts) as old subdivisions are combined or divided, as new subdivisions are created, and as county subdivisions undergo boundary changes. Therefore:

  • the number of townships (or other county subdivisions) may change from year to year
  • township X in one year may not cover the same geographic area as township X the following year
  • a township may not have the same name from one year to the next

Note on data availability by township: Almost all site-based data (e.g., child care) and almost all demographic data (e.g., population) are presented by township in IECAM. Non-site-based data (e.g., early intervention) are not presented by township.

Note on searching township by year: When a user searches by year and by township in the basic search, IECAM presents results only for those townships that existed in that year. When a user searches by township and several years in the multi-year search, IECAM presents results for all townships that existed in any of the years selected. If the township did not exist in one of the selected years, an indication such as “N/A” will appear in that particular table cell.

Note: View a list of county subdivisions used in IECAM data:

TypeFile name and linkCaptionSize

2009County subdivisions used in IECAM data158.9k

2005-2008County subdivisions used in IECAM data 159.2k

2014County subdivisions used in IECAM data43.7k

2015County subdivisions used in IECAM data 43.6k

2016County subdivisions used in IECAM data43.6k

For information on changes in county subdivisions across various years, see the Data by Geographic Region by Year page.