The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), Division of Human Capital Development (HCD), has 101 offices across the state. These offices, called Family Community Resource Centers, (FCRCs), are located in six regions across the state.

Source of definition: Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), Region Offices Coverage

Note: Because IDHS Regions are aggregations of a large number of counties, searching in IECAM by IDHS Regions is a good way to get data on large regional areas of the state (i.e., north, north central, south central, south), or to get data for reports that are directly tied to IDHS activities. The exception is Cook County, which is one region (Region 1) divided into north, central, and south. IECAM reports data for Region 1 as a whole, rather than divided into north and south.

Note on data availability by IDHS region: All data reported in IECAM that are available by county are also available by IDHS region. Data that are not available by county are not available by IDHS region.

Map of Illinois (by county) divided by IDHS regions.
Map Source: Illinois Department of Human Services