About this page Child and Family Characteristics are gathered from several data sources; are presented in several formats; and are associated with several geographic regions. Many, but not all, of the variables represent family characteristics for children’s growth and learning. The data are organized into domains.

The variable on this page belongs to the following domain: Employment

Children (in either two- or one-parent family) living in families <185% FPL and <100% FPL and with at least one parent unemployed or not in the workforce

Regions in spreadsheets (by year):

  • 2015-latest available data: PUMA
  • 2014: PUMA, county
  • 2009-2013: PUMA

Regions in PDFs (by year):

  • 2015-latest available data: PUMA & county (combined map)
  • 2014: PUMA, county (separate maps)
  • 2010-2013: PUMA (185% FPL)

Source of data: IPUMS.

Note: View more information on IPUMS.