About this page Child and Family Characteristics are gathered from several data sources; are presented in several formats; and are associated with several geographic regions. Many, but not all, of the variables represent family characteristics for children’s growth and learning. The data are organized into domains.

The variable on this page belongs to the following domain: Demographics

Children birth through age 5 who are living in households headed by their grandparent(s).

Our interactive map lets users view the data by year and either number or percentage of children living in grandparent-headed households. Users also can hover their cursor over individual counties to get the specific results for that county.

Regions in spreadsheets (by year):

  • 2011-latest available data: all
  • 2010: county

Regions in PDFs (by year):

  • 2010-latest available data: county

Source of data:

  • for 2014 data:  Census ACS 2010-2014
  • for 2013 data: Census ACS 2009-2013
  • for 2012 data: Census ACS 2008-2012
  • for 2011 data: Census ACS 2007-2011
  • for 2010 data: U.S. Census 2010