What is ExceleRate Illinois? A Q&A with Toni Porter from INCCRRA

Have you ever wondered what a child care program’s Circle of Quality level means, or how and why it has been awarded? In this video, Toni Porter, director of professional development at the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (INCCRRA), answers questions about the basics of the ExceleRate Illinois program. Below this, an infographic summarizes the video’s content, and an additional video provides more detailed information, along with program updates.

ExceleRate Illinois is a quality improvement and recognition program for early childhood settings in Illinois.

-Toni Porter, INCCRRA

A Conversation with Toni Porter

Toni Porter from INCCRRA explains in more detail how various early childhood program types are involved in ExceleRate Illinois, with a special focus on family child care homes. She also covers modifications in the program due to COVID-19, and developments on the horizon.

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