Come explore your data with us!

Ready for fun? Here is a list of ideas for how to visualize your data to engage your audience. All you need to get started is an adventurous spirit and the data you can find using our tabular data tool.

  • Make your own custom charts, graphs or maps using data found on IECAM. IECAM can help you create these maps and charts, or you can try your hand with creating them yourself using online tools such as Datawrapper or Google’s Data Studio. The only thing these programs require are the spreadsheets you can download from IECAM and a desire to paint your community’s data picture!
Example of a chart made with IECAM data on Datawrapper
  • Make a trivia quiz to educate stakeholders in a fun, interactive way. You can get your area’s data from IECAM and then use free templates from websites like SurveyMonkey.
Example of a quiz made with IECAM data on SurveyMonkey
  • Tell a data story to engage stakeholders and build understanding of your organization’s data needs and uses. Get started by using this Data Story Activity Guide from ECDataWorks.
  • Make a game like this Jeopardy game created on the Jeopardy lab website. Games can help engage audiences and serve as excellent ice breakers for staff meetings or retreats. IECAM recommends you divide into teams for this one!
Jeopardy game board with categories and point values
Create a Jeopardy game using data facts from IECAM!
  • Grab a screenshots or links to maps and charts on IECAM to share with stakeholders. This one shows all the publicly-funded early childhood services in Illinois. Need help with screenshots? Find PC instructions here and Mac instructions here.
Example of a screenshot of a map found on IECAM