The data related to these variables are gathered from several data sources (e.g., Census, IDPH); are presented in several formats (e.g., spreadsheets, maps); and are associated with several geographic regions (e.g., counties, municipalities, PUMAs). Many, but not all, of the variables represent risk factors for children’s growth and learning. The data are organized into seven domains, as listed below.

Alphabetical list of risk factors

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Interactive State Comparison Maps

See how Illinois compares with other states regarding particular risk factors.

Health Care and Health

Includes variables related to children’s health and development.


Includes variables related to employment and family conditions.


Includes population variables, such as poverty.

Education Variables

Includes variables related to schools, teachers, and parents.

Early Care and Education Services

Includes variables related to early childhood programming and children’s characteristics.

Other Social and Economic Factors

Includes societal factors that impact families and communities.