Regional Superintendents are locally elected officials who administer Regional Offices of Education (ROEs), which are grouped by county or counties throughout Illinois.

Note: ISBE consolidated some ROEs as of July 1, 2015 (FY2016 and school year 2015-2016). See the separate definition page for ISBE 2016 regions for more information on those regions. See the  bottom of this page for a note on comparing ISBE regions from 2015 and earlier and from 2016 and later.

Source of definition: Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)

Date of definition: July 2012

Note: For more details on ROEs, see the ROE document on the ISBE Web site.

Note: Because ISBE Regions are aggregations of a small number of counties, searchng in IECAM by ISBE Regions is a good way to get data on small regional areas, or to get data for reports that are directly tied to ISBE activities.

Note on number of ISBE Regions: IECAM reports data for the 46 ISBE ROEs (numbered 1 through 56, with some missing numbers in the sequence).

Note on suburban Cook County ROEs: In October 2010, ROE 14 (suburban Cook County) was dissolved, and the entities (e.g., school districts) within the former ROE 14 were assigned to the Intermediate Service Centers (ISCs) for North Cook, West Cook, or South Cook, with the newly assigned ROE numbers 5, 6, and 7, respectively; to the City of Chicago (ROE 15); or to the counties of DuPage (ROE 19) or Kane (ROE 31). IECAM reports data for the former ROE 14 for suburban Cook County only, not for the three ISCs.

Note on data availability by ISBE region: All data reported in IECAM that are available by county are also available by ISBE region. Data that are not available by county are not available by ISBE region.

Note on comparing ISBE regions for 2015 and earlier with ISBE regions for 2016 and later: Because many of the ISBE regions were changed as of July 1, 2015 (FY2016 and school year 2015-2016), data for ISBE regions from 2015 and earlier cannot be compared with data for ISBE regions from 2016 and later.

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