IECAM’s searchable database contains data on the following linguistic isolation variables from the U.S. Census Bureau:

  • Number of households speaking Spanish at home that are linguistically isolated
  • Number of households speaking other non-English languages at home that are linguistically isolated

Geographic Regions:
Data on linguistic isolation by household are available by the following geographic regions: state of IL, counties, townships, municipalities, ISBE regions, IDHS regions, IL state senate districts, IL state house districts, US federal congressional districts.

Definition from U.S. Census Bureau:
A linguistically isolated household is one in which no member 14 years old and over (1) speaks only English or (2) speaks a non-English language and speaks English “very well.” In other words, all members 14 years old and over have at least some difficulty with English. (U.S. Census Bureau. Census 2000)

For additional details, see the Demographic: Language page.

How find these data:
To find data on linguistically isolated households, go to the IECAM Data Collection page at:


After selecting a region (e.g., County) and an instance of a region (e.g., Champaign County), select “Language” in the demographics section and click on the Submit button.

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