Compare locations of ECE services (e.g., PFA) to areas in the state with a high or low concentration of a selected demographic variable.

A demographic theme map is:
  • a map of a larger area (e.g., the state of Illinois). . .
  • that is sub-divided into smaller areas (e.g., counties, census block groups). . .
  • and in which the smaller areas are coded in some way (e.g., by color) . . .
  • to indicate different ranges of some data type (e.g., owner-occupied housing).
The following demographic theme maps are available:
  • Population Birth through Age 4
  • Population Density
  • Population by Race/Ethnicity
  • Occupied Housing
  • Unemployment Rate
The demographic theme map page can be used for:

The demographic theme map page is used to get a visual idea of what areas in the state have a high or low concentration of some demographic variable. Geographic regions displayed are counties and census block groups. The counties will provide a less detailed view and the blockgroups (being much smaller) a more detailed view. For more information on these regions, see IECAM’s definition pages for counties and block groups.

Once having identified an area with a certain concentration of a variable, the page can then be used to get a visual idea of how early care and education services are located with reference to the selected variable.

The demographic theme map page cannot be used for:

  • searching for data in tabular format
  • querying the map for data about a specific area

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Demographic Theme Map Search

Note: Help pages and video instructions are coming soon.